" I believe that there are so many things that are unexplainable in this form of reality. Since I am not all knowing, I do believe in psychics, mediums, and other mediators of these unknowns. I was unable to feel like I connected on an energetic or soul level to some of these mediators, until I met Iris. She uses her beautiful gifts to enhance the articulation of conveying concepts and ideas. This ultimately helps provide guidance or light with issues that could benefit anyone to progress and evolve as an individual. For me personally, I’ve always felt a little lost in the sense of understanding how I fit in this world energetically and confusion with my own gifts. After the time I spent with Iris, she was able to provide a type of clarity and encouragement for me to better understand my purpose as a person. Even though she is providing a service she is someone I have without any hesitation to call a friend. She is simply an incredible woman with a gift that if you are open to, can progress an individual in their own understanding. I truly can't say enough wonderful things about her and her beautiful gifts.

- Tansey