Body Memories

Finding and Freeing the Patterns That Bind

Offered by Dyan Simms, LMT , Reiki Master and Iris Krstanovich


The choice of Reiki, massage or reflexology along with Intuitive Readings provide the vehicles for recovery of balance. Dyan and Iris offer the opportunity to uncover and release the results of holding patterns as they impact the body. Dyan offers her skills as a bodywork practitioner while Iris bridges to the Soul's voice as a spiritual intuitive. The Soul delights in this occasion to share what it feels important for the body's surrender of its memories. This is first and foremost a safe and loving environment, worthy of trust. We need to trust in order for the body to surrender its harbored pain.


Iris has many years experience in the art of the "right question", first as a social worker and later as a spiritual intuitive. The session, up to one and one half hours in length, begins with a discussion between Iris and the client. The questions are meant to help her understand what will become the stated need(s) of the client. This stated need or intention then becomes permission for the Soul to express what the client is prepared to hear and process.

The session continues with Dyan, who offers Reiki, reflexology or acupressure while the reading component of the session also gets underway. Dyan has many years experience in a variety of modalities, maturing and fine tuning her work. As the session proceeds, Iris verbally offers what is received via the listening process which connects her with the client's Soul. Simultaneously Dyan oversees the body's release of whatever layer of memory is prepared to liberate. This process may engage and release what is considered cellular memory in the body's tissues and can at times be accompanied by emotional release. Possible additions to the session include crystals and/or singing bowls. These additions are responses to specific needs as they arise in each session, helpers that may call out to be included.

The session is completed in Dyan's presence. Her skills provide both closure and sealing, imparting a message to the body that it is safe to continue processing the experience at all levels it deems necessary. The body's own healing abilities continue where the session ends. Thus we encourage a time of quiet after the session if at all possible: a walk in nature, lots of fluids, perhaps some journaling if that should call.

Possible Benefits:

* Beliefs held in blind spots may be uncloaked, offering insights into why we make the choices and take the actions we do.

* Emotions held in the subconscious may be revealed and released. These emotions may be associated with memories of any phase in life, either long term experiences of upbringing or single episodes that reside in shadow territories of the psyche.

* A real-time sense of belonging to ourselves, of mattering to ourselves, to others and the Earth, may present. What is released makes room for self-acceptance, self-forgiveness and the self-acknowledgment we crave to live our lives in balanced, integrated states of awareness.

Sessions in person at New Earth Healing Gifts, 177 Main Street Manasquan, NJ

Fee: $165