September Gatherings and Specials


Restoration: a return of something to a former, original, normal, or unimpaired condition. restitution of something taken away or lost. something that is restored

The return of humanity to an awakened state is not easily described or imagined. Yet it appears that we as individuals are now living laboratories of this mysterious process, still somewhat literally and symbolically isolated in our experience of Emergence. We are called to awaken, given clues via the Field of Synchronicity which form the beginnings of a roadmap. There are now initial expressions of a left and right brain merged language that might act as its own 5th dimensional light field. Connecting with and stationing in this Field will help us come home, embodied. I am offering this gathering as a way of remembering how to live from within our Original Design. It is also an opportunity to reframe our stories, those which we have told ourselves are true in order to survive on Old Earth. We gather to cohere our minds and hearts during this transition, thus supporting the mind in releasing territorial claims. We express to the mind: there are new helpers; it doesn't have to work so hard.

My desire: May the group support and heal each other as one version of reality is supplanted by another by restoring our direct link with Creation. Please contact me if there are questions about this offering.

September 2, 11am

Contribution: $30, 90 - 120 minutes

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Infinitude: (n) the state or quality of being infinite or having no limit. (A monthly gathering facilitated by Iris)

Inspired by the January 2020 pluto-saturn conjunction, 500 years in the making. As personal and societal structures continue to dismantle, making way for the New Earth, we search for spiritually familiar ground, less dependent on the reality structures of Old Earth. This monthly gathering is an opportunity to surrender our stories to an alchemical container, transmuting suffering and sorrow into compassion and light. The deeper we go in the reclamation of spiritual light, the more easily we are supported via the well of our original nature. We learn to live in courage and create new structures from the most exalted state possible: Infinity.

September 9, 11am

Contribution: $25, up to 90 minutes.

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Those who find themselves deeply committing to the awakening process undergo profound mental, emotional, physical and spiritual changes. Some of these changes are experienced as disruptive, others inspire awe and a sense of rightness, as we are restored to the memory of "we came here for this". There is a general agreement amongst the Ascension community that we need each other as emotional supports, and we need to witness for each others' very individual processes. As awakening progresses, it is quite challenging to feel grounded and aware of what is occurring without others with which to share our intense journeys. So we gather as we have gathered for aeons. If your heart is responding to this sha‚Äčring, come, sit with us. (Co-facilitated by Jen and Iris.)

September 16, 11am

Contribution: $25, up to 90 minutes

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This offering was added to meet the needs of the community, an extension of Restoration, Infinitude, Discussions on the energies of today.

                                                                 September 23, 11am

Contribution: $25, up to 90 minutes

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(A Four Part Offering Coming In October)

Each Sunday in October, 2020, 11am-1pm

At Community Connections and on Zoom

Contribution $35 per gathering

Contact Iris for questions on the Contact tab of this website.


Emotional Alchemy is the practice of making the unconscious, conscious, thereby transforming suppressed emotional patterning into the light of a healed emotional body. A fully present emotional body is capable of interacting appropriately in each moment with life. We trust our capacity to feel, through and through, without an overarching fear of abandonment, rejection or betrayal.

There now appears to be enough multi-dimensional bandwidth available for commitment to deeper emotional healing work. The uncloaked presence of the Primordial Mother suggests that we are timed for this. Her awakening and early-stage conscious expression within us is the heralding of our time to move through suppressed territory. My sense is that we need groups to explore and move through to the other side of disowned emotional memory. The process of triggering has historically supported us in continual efforts to heal but most of us find this path overwhelming, confusing, isolating and often shaming to the one being triggered. We have yet to fully experience moving with a feeling completely through to the other side often enough to a) ground the template of a transformed (healed) emotional body into neural pathways and b) create a supportive language that describes a freely expressing (non-suppressed) species, expressing and behaving as if all of life matters. I believe the indigenous of Gaia know and activate these neural pathways through their languages of the heart.

May we gather to create a living infrastructure that convinces us that we are ready. My desire for this series is to signal Creation that we are opening to new patterns that contain the fifth dimensional matrixes of an alchemicalized emotional body. We will discover what this might mean together, through periods of silence, experiential feeling states, humor and open-hearted curiosity.

Week 1: How did we get where we are? (Introduction, Taking Stock)

Week 2: How do we consciously offer the old states up to healing?

Week 3: The beginnings of a new language to support and format changing emotional awareness

Week 4: Emotionally Sovereign in the New Earth

Gatherings will be approximately two hours. Angela Vanario has graciously agreed to complete each gathering with Qigong. Grounding after each session through movement will inform our bodies that they are included, respected and needed as fifth dimensional vessels.


       September Special

Fall equinox reading special, one day only. Sunday September 20 at New Earth. Three appointments available, $150 for up to a 90 minute spiritual intuitive session (a $35 value). Please contact me through the Contact tab on this website. 

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