Intentional Awakening: Spiritual Mentoring with Iris

Beginning with an intuitive reading dedicated to you as a spiritually evolving being, we meet one on one monthly to clearly and deeply support your awakening process. You will know if this offering calls for your discernment when:

*You are led to these words and linger over them;

*Your personal world is going through radical changes and your contextual framework is no longer expansive enough to help you;

*You are moving into the commitment/jump off phase of the awakening process and the idea of a mentor feels grounding, loving and intuitively right;

*You sense and then comprehend that you can't move into the unknown at this time without a temporary guide. The human self is undergoing intense dismantling and reconstruction and perceives all that occurs as wilderness territory. You make the choice to support yourself. You understand that this choice helps reveal a map for your inner trek, where before it all felt random, confusing and with the appearance of happening 'to you'. Almost immediately, you relax into a supportive framework that creatively goes to work for you. *Your emotional being feels the delight and truth of this, and the release of confusion and fear begins.

I truly honor, respect and admire those who choose to commit to their spiritual awakening. My commitment is to help you remember who you are.

Fee: $399 includes one 90 minute spiritual intuitive reading and two 50 minute companion sessions.