The wisest amongst us claim the courage to live with risk and intensity. Their light-emblazoned Presence lights our way through each dark night, through each emergence from the dark night. We come closer to what is intrinsic as we too come to risk our very existence to follow the way of the Soul. All is asked, even as all is given.

Our feelings are crucial to Now. The inner divine child can tell what is a true response to this world's theater: yes, even the chaos of now can be internally lessened by slowing down and listening to what our feelings know is true. We most likely have to sift through some layers, but permitting the expression of feeling moves us beyond suppressed pain, suppressed memory, suppressed mechanisms of self-denial and censorship. We know what our truth is; there is no need to fear our truth. We were born into innocence, perfectly connected to an inner spark that all religions and spiritual cosmologies recognize. We are yet secured to this spark that is Source: Being-Awareness-Bliss. 

I am seeing men coming forward now to give voice to an archetypal power, that of Protector. I celebrate the way this feels, although it is still too early to bring words to what this means from the higher mind. Yet I feel relief; organically it feels right. Those doing so much inner work at some point appear to surrender more, which sets in motion a huge purification process. What emerges from this purification? Men who innately understand the need to protect life. Because we are continuing to emerge, we are still making our way through the dark. Yet there is light, now. The men who come for a BQH or intuitive session are wading into new waters, seeking visceral validation that what they are gravitating toward is sacred, a mirror for New Earth masculine. There is an alchemical process occurring. For myself, the proof is in these amazing men, the forerunners. It won't be long before we see the emergence of their inner feminine. 

It might be rough going to find ourselves at the moment. Yet our heart, the very essence which harbors our ability to give and receive love continues to ping like a radio beacon, calling, calling, calling..........reminding us that we belong, we matter and are cherished. In the new earth, already overlaying the old reality, our hearts are the central organizing intelligence of All That Is. What is our direction? Can we listen carefully for what deeply and inexorably matters to us? Therein lies the soul's guidance, and all the bandwidth available to thrive and contribute to meaningful Existence. 

What might it mean to speak of the Old Earth transitioning to the New? Each of us has a different sense of that, as it must be. We are the multiplicity that now remembers One. Our unique voices and expressions are here to release and witness the end of one era, and populate the next with (I pray) unfathomable exuberant love and creativity. No longer simply surviving, we unleash from the restraints of the old era and begin to 'see' our next creation on the spiral. What is your longing? It isn't too early or late to ponder and inform the Field of what is most meaningful to us. We are an awakening civilization, even as we release ourselves from the guise of love, from the guise of truth, from the guise of our Spirit.

Our hearts never left us. They might be deeply hidden for so many reasons, both remembered and no longer remembered. Therein lies a reason to return to Center as often as possible. In those moments of stillpoint, we are able to receive the signal of what remains in other's hearts. It is like a secret code of spiritual lovers, God spark to God spark. And we all know what occurs when a spark, sparks. We are our own and each other's light. Who is to say when one incredible moment of stillness is timed to light the way for generations?

We were born into a field of separation. As I notice what it feels like to awaken/graduate to an ascended field, all these symptoms begin (slowly) to make sense: grief as we mourn the passing of our lives in one version of reality, mental looping as the mind tries to contribute with its opinions of what is occurring, anxious skin-crawling sensations as the body re-calibrates with each influx of light. We are replacing one reality with another, and all stones are being turned over. Places we have hidden from for who-knows-how-long are revealing. Now, now, now. Blessings to us all.

I Am aware that emotional balance is embedded within the awakening process. Emotional expression is meant to be an ecstatic honoring experience, rising organically in the Now. Balance is so different for each of us. Releasing ourselves from the captivity of old-earth time permits us to learn how it feels to honor and allow all layers of this process to lead us to awakened states. Human mirrors are valued even more as we begin to experience truer states of freedom. It will be less frightening as our narratives are no longer needed to protect us. Each human archive releases its' gifts of love, wisdom and power.

The language of the heart vibrates like a calling. The language of deeper frequencies is alive and emerges fresh from each moment. It is a response to our longing for joy, for true soul awakening. It marries the vast vocabulary of aeons on earth with the High memory of perfect divine love. We begin to remember something so important that we move toward the Reality calling: that we are of the grand landscape of Source. The language of the heart arises from within us, the very moment we listen and our hearts can be experienced. As our lives break through to deeper truths, the Indweller may be recognized. We aren't learning, we are remembering.

Emerging from times of a very lost state has never been up to me. No doing or demands that the mind make it better matters one whit to the Soul, which knows exactly what it is doing. Plunging our human selves into the fog-bound zones of Mystery might be the Soul's way of being certain that we can't run, hide or fight. What is the point? Perhaps the divine plan understands the point, and we are beyond human capacity to understand...........the point. My current prayer is that surrender permits the gestation of our awakening unobstructed, and that in the mean time we are safely contained in the hands of the Divine.

As we deeply engage with the territory of soul reclamation, what arises in our psyches? The answer to that question, moment by moment, is a living roadmap to sovereignty. Moment by moment we stand before choicepoints: can we love what appears next, and next, and next? And if we can't love, appreciate or be in acceptance, chances are our inner critic/authority truly believes it is helping us with its stance. There is beauty even in this. Awakening includes huge moments of awareness and bewilderment, and many smaller moments of both effort and rest.

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It is my prayer for an enlightened society to return to its divine nature and fall in love with that living embodiment. If we fall in love with ourselves, we would never permit the degradation of our humanity. What might it mean to be an embodiment of divinity? I feel it is a state of perpetual Self honor, a state of living grace.

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How do we deeply deeply listen to another? Our soul longs to offer its peace, and our human so often needs to be right. If the ego has taken a stance to justify being right, what lies just underneath its posturing? I often discover fear, translating as an inner child or inner adult statement of its value, or lack of. In a moment we can lose the opportunity to listen and affirm another if what is being shared is perceived as a threat. A choice arises. Will we remember to acknowledge worth to our hidden inner adults and children? I find this to be an important part of the work, moment by moment. It really does feel like a lost art of self-love, slowly returning. 

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I seem to be a magnet for the inner children of friends and clients. I can be in the midst of any kind of session or conversation, and in the blink of an eye the person might shift to a specific moment or period in time, silently asking for acknowledgment, or validation, or safety or hugs. I call these places in us soul fragments or shadow dwellers. There was a pause in our experience, possibly because we were shamed, injured or judged. In the reverse, sometimes our gifts and talents are demeaned or discouraged. In an act of self-protection and preservation, we shut down, bookmarking the experience or period of time until we might safely return to the light of day. To all who are listening and waiting, may I say 'There is compassion and love and safety here with me.'

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In the dark night of the soul, love is a response to the soul's calling to enter the deep psyche's terrain. We find the courage to bear witness to the forces of loneliness, anxiety and fear. This is a void entered into and moved through by faith and necessity.

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I am learning to affirm myself, no matter what. Affirmation (self-compassion) replaces the polarity of right and wrong posturing. The mind, feeling supported by the heart, begins to understand and practice another way. What does that other way reveal to us? I am enough. I am wanted. I am lovable.

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My sense is that our wounds are not dysfunctions to heal, they are a repressed era of the Goddess emerging naturally as the light intensifies. This light, a dynamic manifestation of Source, acts as the catalyst in the surfacing of our wounded natures. Our wounded selves, no longer hidden, now might be loved by those who care, if we would try to allow it. Our shadow selves nearly always respond to safety and love, over time.

The soul waits and longs for its human presence to begin a spiritual return journey while living on Earth!! We used to have to return to the heavens to remember our core divine natures. It is possible now to awaken while incarnate. So many clues act as calling cards. We call this the Field, the Field of Synchronicity.