Soul Connection & Energetic Clearing

Introduction: We are two mature healing practitioners who have combined resources to offer the opportunity to reveal and release restrictive energy in the mind/body complex. In this “two to one” session, Reiki, other energy-work modalities and Intuitive Readings are the vehicles for balance. Jen offers her skills as a Reiki Master and clairvoyant, while Iris peers into the inner world of the client to give voice to what is arising as the session progresses. Through the synergy of their skills a potent threshold experience may be explored to address the client's stated needs.

Format: The session, which may be as long as one and one-half hours, begins with a verbal sharing between Iris and the client. Iris will ask several directed questions to help her understand what brings the client to this session. The answers provided are the client’s contribution and statement of intent to his or her own healing process, and also provide the basis for the direction from which his or her soul will proceed in the session.

The session continues with Jen and Iris, who offer a variety of energy modalities to deepen the client in preparation for the reading phase. As the session proceeds, Jen and Iris verbally offer what is received via their intuitive and clairvoyant gifts. The client’s soul, with great delight, may utilize this safe and loving opportunity to reveal an arrested portion of one’s soul development (fear, trauma, conditioning from numerous sources), and release what is discovered through the body’s tissues. It is in the body’s tissues where much cellular memory is stored.

The session is completed in Jen’s presence. Her Reiki and other energy modality skills provide closure to the session by energetically sealing the experience, thus allowing the body’s own healing abilities to carry the client through the ensuing days of integration.

Fee $250

Sessions in person at New Earth Healing Gifts, 177 Main Street Manasquan, NJ

732 800-3300